Armadale Crescent

home cinema theatre and games room renovation

2011, 2017

spatial design

Private residence, Coolbinia WA. 

Design and renovation of home cinema theatre to capture the clients nostalgic connection with New Zealand, incorporating a cool colour theme and subtle textures in the material give the space its connection to the tranquillity of the inspiration . The pragmatic required an acoustic revision to the existing and upgrading equipment. 

Design and documentation 4 weeks; Construction/installation 3 months. 2011.

The second renovation of games room commenced 6 years after the home cinema, the client wished to recapture the theme from the previous renovation. the space was striped of all unnecessary ornamentation. Electrical work was revised to include full automation of lighting and window treatments.

Design and documentation 2 weeks; Construction/installation 3 months. 2017.

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